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Maian Weblog Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 5.2 (14/03/2018):
[*] Min PHP version to run software increased to 5.5. PHP5.5 or higher required.
[*] Pagination HTML code moved to template folders
[*] Update chartist jQuery plugin (0.11.0)
[*] Updated PHPMailer mail transportation class (6.0.3)
[*] Updated mobile detection PHP class (2.8.31)
[*] Updated off canvas menu for better performance on small devices
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.3.1

Version 5.1 (07/06/2017):
[+] Added option to deactivate mysql fulltext search system (control/userdef.php)
[+] Added support for PHP7.1
[*] PHPMailer class updated to latest stable release (5.2.23)
[-] Fixed issue where current date wasn`t always highlighted in calendar for days spanning 1 to 9

Version 5.0 (13/03/2017):
[+] Added caching system to help prevent database load
[+] Added entry log for login time/date/ip
[+] Added journal/blog categories. Categories can be password protected for private journals/blogs.
[+] Added option for staff to receive notification if other staff members post journal/blog entries
[+] Added option to allow staff to only view journals/blogs they have created
[+] Added options to export staff and journal/blog entries to CSV
[+] Added staff login system so other people can post journals / blogs
[+] Added support for PHP7
[+] Added support for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook structured meta tags
[+] Added support for addThis API for social sharing
[+] Added support for twitter API. Post journal entry and tweet at the same time.
[+] Added theme switch for date ranges. For example, show a different theme at Christmas etc
[+] Brand new API. Create a journal/blog post from any application.
[+] Brand new HTML5 responsive layout via Bootstrap
[+] Categories can be set to auto delete, useful for quick promos
[+] Journal/blog entries can now be private and require user/pass
[+] Journals/blogs can be set to auto delete, useful for quick promo posts
[+] Journals/blogs can have future publish dates set
[*] Added custom pages and menu boxes for layout control
[*] Internal comments system removed in favour of Disqus comments system
[*] Updated SMTP mail settings to support TLS & SSL. Also added from/reply-to headers.
[*] Removed Spaw WYSIWYG editor in favour of basic BB code buttons
[*] Removed preset themes.
[*] Removed profile image upload

Version 4.0 (22/04/2007):
[+] Added RSS feeds
[+] Added SMTP options
[+] Added archiving system
[+] Added auto parsing of links option for comments
[+] Added contact option
[+] Added option for search engine friendly urls
[+] Added option to add adsense/snap code
[+] Added option to add favourite websites
[+] Added option to embed YouTube videos in blogs via WYSIWYG
[+] Added option to upload and manage images & flash files via WYSIWYG
[+] Added optional Spaw WYSIWYG HTML editor to admin area for adding blogs
[+] Added optional captcha code for forms
[+] Added printer friendly version of blogs/comments
[+] Added profile & profile image options
[+] Added search engines
[+] Added support for 16 bookmark sites including Digg &
[+] Added time offset feature
[*] Free licence changed to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence
[*] New XHTML/CSS theme based layout
[*] Removed BB Code
[*] Removed calendar

Version 3.1 (02/07/2006):
[*] New interface
[*] Updated documentation
[-] Fixed some minor coding errors

Version 3.0 (29/03/2005):
[+] Added DOCTYPE to comply with W3C coding standards
[+] Added E-Mail templates
[+] Added savant template engine
[+] Added visitor comments
[*] Brand new system
[*] Removed Emoticons
[*] Removed Mailing List
[*] Removed News Ticker
[*] Removed error suppression
[*] Updated Calendar
[*] Updated code to fix undefined variable errors
[-] Fixed security vulnerability on main page

Version 2.0 (05/09/2004):
[+] Added ability to upload emoticons
[+] Added snapshot system and BB Codes for easy editing
[*] New code
[*] New interface
[*] Removed CSS themes
[*] Search engine updated to multi keyword

Version 1.2 (11/10/2003):
[+] New interface with template based system.
[+] News ticker and calendar added.
[+] Removed sleep function

Version 1.1 (04/05/2003):
[+] Added language file and sleep() function to mailing list

Version 1.0 (28/04/2003):
[+] Version 1.0 Released


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