As a small business owner running a Web Design, Development and Management website we need to have a reliable and efficient ticketing support system. I have been using Maian Support on various sites for many years now. There are not very many decent ticketing systems that do what it says it does these days. Maian Support does everything it says it does and a free version is also available which is perfect so anyone can use. However, we purchased the system a long time ago and it was the best business decision we ever made. The support and help given by David is always speedy, polite and professional. I have had to make contact several times and nothing is ever too small or too big to help with. As a small business owner I would like to fully recommend the Maian Support system for anyone needing a support system. Thank you to David for all his work and continued help over the years since purchasing this system.

Zac Drayson, Hydra Web Services, Founder & CEO